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The Appenzeller Mountain Dog




 Shoulder height

48-54 cm

52-58 cm


28-35 kg


Harmonious build, strong, muscular limbs, short-haired, robust


Vivacious and tireless, incorruptible watchdog, entirely loyal to his own family, willing learner.

The quartet of the four breeds of Swiss Mountain Dogs would simply not be complete without the Appenzeller Moutain Dog. In appearance the Appenzeller is similar to the Entlebucher. However, there are important differences: The Appenzeller is somewhat larger, but shorter in length meaning that the limbs and body form a square when viewed from the side. This is advantageous from the point of view of pressure on the hip joints and the backbone. A further visible difference is the Appenzeller’s curled tail. (The Entlebucher´s tail should not be curled). And, finally, an audible difference: whilst the Entlebucher´s bark is deep and gruff, the Appenzeller uses his voice in different ways according to the situation varying from a deep bark to a higher pitched rumbling to a high tone - used especially when herding. The Appenzeller uses his bark to attract attention to himself.
The Appenzeller (known as the "Bläss" in Switzerland) is an excellent guard dog, who always knows what is going on in the house and the garden. His reacts courageously and as fast as lightening. The “Bläss” is also characterised by his vivaciousness, self-confidence, mistrust of strangers, incorruptibility, joy and willingness to learn. In former times he was bred to help Alpine dairy farmers and consistent breeding led to the development of an ideal droving and herding dog, who needs tasks and work (see picture on right: the Appenzeller nipping the heel of cattle). Although the working Appenzeller was expected to be able to react independently, he is very affectionate towards his own family and would literally go through thick and thin for them. However, this means that he needs company and is definitely not suited to be kept in a kennel or, worse still, on a chain.

The Appenzeller is not a dog for stay-at-homes. The Appenzeller is a wonderful dog for people who love to be active and are looking for a loyal walking companion or a reliable partner for canine sports. The dogs enjoy obedience training and Agility.
The dogs are particularly suitable for those who wish to work professionally with their dog and they can be trained as tracking or rescue dogs, as guard dogs (see picture left) or even as guide dogs (further information on this is available from the Swiss Club for Appenzeller Mountain Dogs, which provided these photos).

Since the Appenzeller is a dog who is ready to accept his leader of the pack, he is not very difficult to train. What is necessary is energy and the right temperament for the breed. Anyone who has never had experience with an Appenzeller should definitely arrange to visit an adult dog before acquiring a dog as the character of the breed cannot be really understood merely by reading about it. The dogs are not suited to flat life and if the dog will have to be left alone for long periods, it would be better to consider another breed, or indeed another kind of pet. Constant contact with people plays a very important rôle in the positive development of the dog.

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