Freddy (Adrian Magical Wizard) 6/2/2009 to 13/12/2011

Dear Freddy,

I hope you have already arrived at the end of the rainbow to the beautiful land at the red river. I am sure you have met Aska, Vroni and Iris already and that you are having fun playing catch with them. I know you’ll tell them one of your nice stories, tell them how much fun we had together!

It was so wonderful with you here and that’s why you are missed so very
much! We miss your smile, you begging us to play with you and most of
all we miss having you next to us everyday. We will never forget you
.You have left your mark here on earth. Thank you for being such a
wonderful part of our lives.

We know we should not be sad, because you are running around now without
any pain, you are already playing with your beloved ball with all your
friends at the end of the rainbow in the land of the red river.
We will see each other again!
Good bye my boy – Annette Sch.

Freddy - deine Familie und Freunde vermissen dich.