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Entlebucher Swiss Mountain Dogs




 Shoulder height

42-48 cm

44-50 cm


25-30 kg


Compact body, muscular, short, thick, hard, glossy coat, attentive


Lively, quick to learn, very affectionate, good guard dog, fearless

The Entlebucher is an uncomplicated, robust dog with an intelligent expression and a good character. Due to the dog’s compactness (Shoulder height 40-50 cm) and muscular build (Weight 25-30 kg) he may appear thickset. However, he is astonishingly agile and reacts extremely quickly. His shiny tricolour coat (brown, white and black) is short, which means that he does not moult heavily and there is little smell when he comes in from the rain. The Entlebucher is not an elegant dog to show off, but suitable for dog-owners who want to work and play with their medium sized dog. Training an Entlebucher is not difficult as he is very attentive, obedient and learns quickly. Moreover, he loves children and loves playing with them for hours on end. However, he does not need to be exercised excessively and can be kept in a flat without problems. This loveable and affectionate dog enjoys being with his “family“. In a Word: A down-to-earth dog who will give his owners a lot of joy and few problems.

The Entlebuch is a fearless animal with an inherent guarding instinct, which will become apparent from about the age of two. The Entlebucher is suitable to be trained as a guard dog, rescue or avalanche dog as he is fearless and has an excellent sense of smell. For sporting owners, the Entlebucher is suited to Agility. It is positive that he does not have a hunting instinct and is not prone to running away. However, he is independent and can occupy himself. His cleanliness should also be stressed. Life expectancy is high and the breed is not prone to illnesses.
Problems of the breed: Some dogs have stumped or kinked tails (this genetic defect has in general been successfully eliminated through systematic breeding); eye problems; HD (Hip dysplasia, genetic – it is important to check the kennel’s record).

In former times the tail was always docked to correspond to the Standard of the breed. Docking is now illegal and the Standard allows both the stumped tail and the long tail. The long tail is sturdy and straight and should not curl as the Appenzell tail. As in all Swiss Mountain Dogs the tip of the tail should be white. In the pictures you will see dogs with docked tails (allowed at that time) and with long tails.
Since the inherent stumped tails, which used to be characteristic of the breed, are a genetic defect, these dogs are only used in a limited way for breeding.

The precise history of the Entlebucher Mountain Dog can only be traced back to1889. According to the most popular history of the Swiss Mountain Breeds the dogs are descended from the Mollasian and for this reason the Entebucher is categorized in the FCI-Group 2 to which the St. Bernards, Mastiffs, Dobermanns, Hovawarts und Leonbergs also belong. All these breeds belong to the so-called "Molossoids", which are characterized by strong bones and a sturdy build.

Nevertheless, Switzerland is generally regarded as the breed’s country of origin, where the dogs were used by the mountain farmers to guard their farms as well as for driving and herding.

The dogs were common in the Emme Valley (Emmental) and in Entlebuch on the River Emme, which is in the canton of Lucerne and from which place the name is derived. After the breed had apparently died out, an association to rescue the breed was founded in 1924 and the last dogs of the breed were found. Breeding thoroughbreds then began. We are thankful that this lovable breed still exists and that there are more and more fans.

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