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The Breed FAQ´s Fila Photogallery (german)

Allow me to introduce myself?

My name is Fila von den Gänsewiesen and I come from the Mountain Dog Farm. My mother is Asta von den Gänsewiesen , who you can see in the picture above. I was from her first litter. Here you can see me sleeping as a baby.

Now I live in Munich in a flat with a family with two children, but living in a flat is not a problem because my family take me out a lot and they play with me. Look at what I do when I get outside!

I don’t mind the cold in winter. On the contrary, I just love romping in the snow. My favourite activities are jumping into piles of snow or knocking over snowmen and I really go crazy and wag my stumped tail and sometimes I yelp with excitement. And in summer my passions are balls and sticks. I could play with them all day long. The further someone throws the ball the better. I am usually as fast as the ball and then I catch it in the air. Tennis balls are not really good for my teeth and so my family bought me this red rubber ball. They really love me!

Well, I am not actually allowed to do that. Now normally, I don’t dare get into the beds, but in this case somebody really needed me! Apart from that, I know exacty what I am allowed to do and what I am not allowed to do. I am not allowed to sleep on the couch, I am not allowed to do my business indoors, I am not allowed to take food from the table. I’m not stupid! But if nobody is looking, then I do sometimes get hold of a sweet that someone has left lying around, but shhhh! Don’t tell anybody.

By the way, I really get on well with children. In the picture on the right you can see the sweet little baby playing stick with me.

And here I am in my element. First, rip up the TV times (naturally only after Master has given me permission), then hide the toys in the heap of paper and wow, find them again. What fun!

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