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Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs




 Shoulder height

60-68 cm

65-72 cm


55-65 kg

55-65 kg


Robust, muscular, easy to handle, short coat


Confident, vigilant, affectionate, a willing worker


The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is the largest of the four Swiss Mountain breeds and is characterised by a muscular and robust build.

He is confident, placid and even-tempered, but he is a good watchdog and instinctively protects his “family“. In former times the dogs were farm dogs and used as carting dogs by peddlars and by farmers on their way to market and as herding dogs by butchers. Still today the dogs enjoy this type of activity. The Greater Swiss Sennenhund or Mountain Dog (GSS) needs a lot of room, close contact to the owners and consequential but gentle training. The dogs enjoy being on the farm or in a garden and do not tend to stray. The breed is easy to handle and not over-demanding. The dogs are good with children and demonstrate patience. They are natural and incorruptible watchdogs and will be respected as such.

GSMD puppies

In a Word: A strong dog for the farm and the home, who will give his family protection and security.

The dog’s strong bones, broad chest and muscular legs may tend to make him look a little clumsy at first glance. However, he can react like lightening and turn quickly. Bitches are between 60 and 68 centimetres high and dogs 65 to 72. The average weight of an adult dog is between 65 and 72 kilograms. The dogs are not only physically, but also mentally alert and willing to learn. They like to be occupied and enjoy long walks and carting.

Despite the dog’s size, caring for a Swissy is relatively uncomplicated. The short coat attracts little dirt. Dogs should be brushed from time to time to remove dead hairs and it is a good idea to clean the dog’s ears regularly as it is with all dogs.

The history of the breed can be traced back to the fourth century. In Switzerland the dogs were often used for pulling carts, driving and herding and guarding farms. They were also kept by butchers. In former times health, robustness and performance were of greater importance than appearance. In the nineteenth century the breed went through a difficult period and almost became extinct. Through consequent breeding at the beginning of the twentieth century the breed was rescued and today is well-known and appreciated far beyond the borders of Switzerland.

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