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Hallo! Hans Grete organic farm new pictures (german) Photogallery (german)

Hallo to all Dog Lovers

Everything and more about Swiss Mountain Dogs

On this page you will find descriptions of the four Swiss Mountain Dog breeds: the Entlebucher Mountain Dog, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Appenzeller Mountain Dog. At our kennels we breed Entlebucher Mountain Dogs and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, but we share the homepage with an Appenzeller and Bernese breeder so that the quartet is complete.

If you are interested in buying a puppy, you will find up-to-date puppy information at this link.
Mountain Dogs are traditionally working dogs and the larger breeds especially are suitable as carting dogs. We are very pleased that we are now an official Carting Centre.

At our organic farm we breed dogs, but we also produce organic products (Harvest for Life) such as milk, eggs, poultry, beef and pork, cheese, curd cheese, bread etc. These products are sold every Saturday on the farm. And as we also have a small joiner’s workshop, we have recently started up the production of wooden Rocking Horses.

But, we haven’t even introduced ourselves! Our names are Hans and Grete Stadlbauer. If you would like to really see what it is like at our organic farm, just come and visit us in Gramastetten.

Hans and Grete Stadlbauer wish you a lot of fun with these pages.

About us


Living with animals and breeding animals have been life-long interests for me. As a Primary School pupil, I bought some thoroughbred pigeons with my pocket-money and started to breed them. My first job with the Austrian National Association for Livestock Breeding Performance Tests (Leistungsverband für Leistungsprüfungen in der Tierzucht) meant that I started to concern myself intensively with genetic tendencies, hereditary transmission and selection in cattle breeding.

At the age of 22 I built up my own breeding herd from a domestic herd and the hard work started to pay off; my cattle were vigorous, long-living and high achievers. High quality offspring were achieved and I sold cattle as far afield as Africa.

In recent years, breeding Swiss Mountain Dogs has become very important for me. We decided upon the Swiss Mountain Dogs as these traditional farming dogs are faithful, affectionate and good with children. They are excellent family dogs and easy to train, but also vigilant. They have little hunting instinct. For me it is vital that the dogs are of good disposition and free of canine hip dysplasia. We do not inbreed.

Apart from the yearly statutory vaccinations, before mating both dogs undergo veterinary examinations. My motto is: Only breed from healthy, stable dogs that correspond to international standards. The good results that we have achieved at international dog-shows have proved that this is a good motto..


Soon after our marriage, Hans expressed the opinion that a family is not complete without a dog. I was not that enthusiastic about this at the beginning as I had not had much experience with dogs and what I had experienced in childhood had made me fearful of them. However, as soon as our first dog moved in, my attitude towards dogs changed. The dogs now take up a lot of our time and can be tiring. All the same, I experience the dogs as a wonderful pastime and enriching to our lives. For me it is very important that the puppies grow up with people and our puppies are in close contact with children and grown-ups from the beginning.If you are thinking about buying a puppy, you should definitely consider the following questions:

  • Do I have enough time and enough room for a dog?
  • Am I really interested in concerning myself with the dog and his needs?
  • Upbringing and keeping have a great effect on the dog’s behaviour.
  • Even a breed that is naturally “good with children“ can bite as a result of bad experiences.
  • Dogs mean responsibility and are not toys.

    This is the Gänsewiesen Swiss Mountain Dog Farm

    There is a lot for children to do here and dogs love to have so many children to play with. Our farm is in the hilly countryside amongst the fields and the woods near Linz in Upper Austria. There will soon be further pictures of our farm on this page.

    Visit our Photogallery >>

von den Gänsewiesen

We are members of

Ö.K.V.Österreichischer Kynologenverband, Austrian Kennel Club

FCI Fédération Cynologique Internationale, International Dog Breeding Association



Sennenhundehof von den Gänsewiesen, Hans und Grete Stadlbauer, Maierleiten 5, A-4201 Gramastetten (bei Linz) Oberösterreich , Tel.: [0043] 0 7239 - 8230, Email: office@sennenhunde.at | Impressum
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