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The Bernese Mountain Dog




 Height at shoulders

57-65 centimetres

62-69 centimetres


40-44 kilograms

 Physical characteristics

strong, agile working dog, sturdy limbs, long-haired (straight or slightly curled).


affectionate with the family and confident with strangers, vigilant and fearless.

Character: affectionate with the family and confident with strangers, vigilant and fearless.
The Bernese mountain dog is a versatile working and family dog. He is vigilant and fearless in everyday situations and a good watchdog. He is good-natured and affectionate towards people he knows well, and confident and friendly towards strangers. He is a good watchdog without being aggressive. He is moderately active and easy to train. Close contact with his family is important for him as are adequate space and movement. For the latter reason Bernese dogs are not particularly suited to flat-life.

Dogs are between 64 and 70 centimentres at the shoulders and weigh approximately 50 kilos.

The bitch will grow to height of 58 to 66 centimetres and will weight approximately 40 kilos. The Breeding Standard is stipulated by FCI-Nr. 45.

Berner Sennenhund
The Bernese have a good nose and possess the necessary characteristics to be trained professionally as tracking, rescue or watchdogs. For dog owners who simply want to share an active hobby with their pet, carting is an excellent pastime. As well as these activities, Bernese Dogs love long walks and swims in all kinds of waters.
The breed was developed in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland, whence the name. The farmers bred the dogs as watchdogs and working dogs to pull the milk wagons to the diary. However, the dogs were also used to drive the cattle and they proved themselves as watchdogs. In Switzerland the dogs came to be know as "Dürrbächler" or "Blässli". At the beginning of the twentieth century the numbers had dwindled considerably and it was only through particular care in breeding that the Bernese Mountain dog was maintained. Today the dogs are popular and well-known all over the world.

The Bernese is the best-known and most prolific of the four Swiss Mountain Dogs. The dog is lordly in appearance. His tri-coloured coat is exquisitely silky and cuddly and there is a saying that if you can offer your dog enough space: The Bernese Mountain Dog is the best dog you will ever find!


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