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Carting with yours!

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a Draft and Drover Breed and carting is the perfect activity for the dogs. Everyone enjoys carting with our carts (farm production). Carting is fun for children! Shopping with a cart does not produce exhaust fumes! And our dogs love doing it! In the picture you can see little Sarah and an Entlebucher puppy waiting for the trip...

We are happy and proud that the Gänsewiesen Mountain Dog Farm (Sennenhundehof von den Gänsewiesen) is now one of the five official centres for carting in Austria. Please contact us if you have questions about carting, carting training or are interested in the carts that we produce. (The picture on the left shows a cart with two shafts and the picture below shows a single-shaft cart).

Our “well guarded“ door with the official carting dog emblem.

Emma von den Gänsewiesen taking her first "driving lesson".


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