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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions:

Dog or Bitch?

This is really a matter of personal preference as neither of the sexes has decisive advantages or disadavntages. There are few differences as far as character is concerned. The dog is approximately 5 centimetres higher that the bitch, but the weight is more or less the same due to the bitch’s heavier pelvic bones.

If there are a number of bitches in your neighbourhood, then there will be few problems when your bitch comes on heat. However, if there are numerous dogs around your house, they will come and visit you when your bitch is on heat. And this happens twice a year!

How much room does a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog need?

A house or farm is ideal. A garden does not replace walking, but it does give the dog more freedom and allow him to follow his instincts and guard the property. This makes him more content and even-tempered. In addition to the garden, the dog does, of course, need exercising through walking or other activities.

How does the Swissy behave towards Children?

The dogs are very patient with children due to their own confidence and imperturbability. They are generally very fond of children and a child can feel secure with his Swissy. However, it must be pointed out that smaller children should never be left alone with dogs and children must be taught how to behave towards them.

Problems and Illnessness associated with the Breed.

As the dog develops from a puppy to an adult, it is very important that the owner pays particular attention to feed to avoid deficiency syndroms. Under no circumstances should the dog be overused during this period as his bones and muscles are still growing.

As with other large breeds HD (Hip Displasia) can occur. This deformation of the bones can lead to pain and even lameness in extreme cases. The illness can be diagnosed through an x-ray from about the age of two. Breeders and dog clubs are working towards eliminating the problem through selective breeding. Only buy a puppy from a recognised and serious breeder.

How much Care does a Swissy need?

The dog is not care-intensive. Simple, regular brushing to remove dead hairs will ensure that your dog always has a shiny coat. You should also check the ears from time to time and clean them. Regular vaccinations and worming by the vet are a matter of course.

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